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How To Save More, Worry Less

July 31st, 2015

Saving money

Do you find it hard to save money? Is the question ‘How to save money?’ always on your mind? Don’t worry; you’re not the only one. Human beings aren’t really wired to be good at financial planning and saving money. But saving money is crucial to living a stress-free life. Here are 6 simple ways to get into the habit of saving money.

Set your goals

When it comes to saving money, it’s important to have a direction and a destination in mind. Having your financial goals in place is the first big step towards saving. Sit down and think about what you want to accomplish, both in the coming months and also in the years ahead. Decide what you want to save for. It could be a new car, a vacation, education, emergencies, or investment.


If you find yourself with too many financial goals, circle the top two or three that you want to accomplish. Then, zero in further and start setting aside more for just one of those goals. Research suggests that focusing on a single savings goal leads to a higher probability of reaching the target.

Clear your credit card debt

When it comes to planning your finances, debt is the most dangerous four-letter word. Make sure you clear your credit card debts and avoid overspending on your credit card.

Maintain a dedicated savings account

Maintain a separate account for savings. Try to deposit a fixed amount every month in this account, if not, deposit however much you can afford, but be regular. Refrain from using this account to spend.

Look for small improvements

Small changes can often lead to big results. Reduce a few small expenses every month. Cook a home-cooked meal instead of going out on a friday night, rent a movie instead of paying for tickets at a theater. Plan your meals for the whole week, make a shopping list and make one big grocery trip.

Use technology

With technology, mankind has achieved great things. It can also help you in reaching your financial goals. There are various capital finance apps that help you see where your money is going. Apps like Goodbudget, Digit and You Need a Budget are great tools to help you save money.

The truth is, there are many ways to save money. Find the ways that work for you, and slowly start incorporating the strategies into your life. Start small, but start now.

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