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Finding Home In A Foreign Land

May 14th, 2019

Finding home in a foreign land

Anyone who has moved overseas will tell you that it’s usual to feel lost. With your fixed points of reference gone, you can often feel isolated and homesick. Change is as adventurous as it is challenging. However, if you may have moved abroad for work, leaving your family and friends behind, you are bound to feel a mixed range of emotions. Your adopted country heralds a wide range of new experiences be it in terms of culture, customs, climate or cuisine. Keep yourself open to new experiences in a foreign country, as it will help you adapt to the new culture. However you must engage with fellow expats who help you stay connected to your homeland.

It is quite possible to enjoy the best of both worlds if you embrace everything your new country has to offer while maintaining ties that bind you to your homeland. So, how do you find the right balance? Here are a few tips to help you feel at home in your adopted country.

When you’re overseas, you’ll be hungry for news from home. With the internet, it’s easy to stay in touch with your friends and family back home and also use formal news channels. For example, you may be able to tune in to a radio station from your homeland or treat yourself to the occasional newspaper or other publications from your own country. Naturally, this will depend on availability and local laws, as overseas news and other types of media are restricted in some countries.  

One of the best ways to stay connected is to mingle with the larger expat community from your home country. Wherever you are, there are bound to be fellow nationals who would like to meet up, share news and enjoy social events together. Mingling with people who share a familiar background is reassuring in more ways than you would imagine. Fellow expats can also help you integrate with your new life by guiding you on things you must avoid and things you must see and do. If you are lucky you may even find a fellow national running a local restaurant, shop or club which could invariably become your regular haunt.

Another way to feel at home is to continue pursuing your favourite pastimes. Perhaps you really enjoyed sports when you were in your own country? You can continue to nurture your passion for sports either as a spectator or a participant. You could meet like- minded people who share your passion for sports by either playing tennis, swimming, or simply watching a football match. The important thing is to build connections and continue doing things that promote your wellbeing. The old adage ‘home is where the heart is’ will always hold true. However it is essential to build a strong social network while living in a foreign country. There is no underplaying the fact that you will ache for your family but the truth is that you truly belong to your family, as you are their gateway to a better chance at life.

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