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Best Places Across The Globe To Visit In December

November 14th, 2019

Best places across the globe to visit in December

There’s a nip in the air these days, and as winter approaches, many of us crave an ideal vacation to uplift our souls. So, if wanderlust is tempting you to head out and marvel at snow-clad peaks or bask in the sunshine; we’ve got the perfect destination for you to choose from.

Here are 5 places around the world that will offer you an enriching experience:

1. Cape Town, South Africa

Warm your feet and hearts in South Africa’s sandy beaches as you sip on mulled wine. Cosmopolitan cities like Cape Town and Johannesburg teem with activity from December to March, thanks to the beautiful African sun. Remember its summer there at this time of the year!

Things to do: Hike up to Table Mountain for a panoramic view of Cape Town. Enjoy a leisurely session tasting wine and cheese at Stellenbosch vineyards on a sunny day. You can also indulge in retail therapy by shopping for exclusive diamond jewellery, leather handbags, or intricate ceramic art from local markets.

2. Dubai, UAE

The futuristic city of Dubai is a destination par excellence if you crave an extraordinary experience. A seamless blend of old-world charm and modern architecture, Dubai is wrapped in splendour and thrives as the heart of a desert.
Things to do: Admire the city’s audacious architecture that is reflected in the Burj Khalifa, Burj Al Arab, and Jumeirah Mosque. Blessed with sunny skies, Dubai is high on the glamour quotient as its clubs and lounges are indeed a delight for nocturnal souls. Be it a desert safari or a trip through exotic souks, this Arabian city offers a range of activities for every kind of traveller.

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3. Cairo, Egypt

Cairo might seem chaotic, but its old-school magnificence is unparalleled. Make your way through dusty lanes teeming with 19th-century grandeur as distant calls to prayer echo in every corner of the city. In its entirety, Cairo’s energy is as unmissable as its colossal monuments.

Things to do: Visit the Great Pyramids and marvel at how they have stood intact for over four millennia. Home to some of the world’s most sought after ancient artefacts, the Egyptian Museum glitters with treasures from the past. Embark on an adventure through the sands of time to learn about Egypt’s rich culture and heritage.

4. Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Blooming with colourful tulip fields, artistic history, and a magnificent nightlife, Amsterdam is a much-celebrated gem of the Netherlands. The city’s contemporary architecture, scenic landscape, and countryside are influenced by medieval Dutch culture. Amsterdam is a treasure trove of art museums, vintage shops, and cosy cafes.

Things to do: Visit the Van Gogh museum to admire the world’s most extensive collection of masterpieces. Enjoy a picnic under the warm winter sun at Vondelpark as local artists stir up the atmosphere with their extraordinary performances.

5. Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

A land that exudes natural beauty and intricate architecture Vietnam is both magical and dynamic. Explore the ancient charm of its high-octane capital, Ho Chi Minh City. Hidden beneath skyscrapers are alleys lined with incense-infused temples that reflect the country’s cultural complexity.

Things to do: Walkthrough winding lanes to the sobering War Remnants Museum. Visit the Jade Emperor Pagoda to experience the local Buddhist beliefs. A short getaway from the city allows you to explore picturesque floating villages. Amidst the stark contrast with chaotic city life, marvel at how civilisation can coexist with some of the world’s most exotic flora and fauna.

Make time in your busy life to experience the distinct culture that defines these countries. Without a doubt soaking in impressive views and indulging in holistic wellness activities will surely set the pace to make your New Year a positive one.