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Best Destinations For Female Migrants

September 18th, 2017

Best Destinations For Female Migrants

The experience of moving abroad can be very different for women and men. Depending on the local laws, women may have different rights than in their native country. There might be other cultural differences to take into account too. So, in today’s post, we’re going to explore some of the best destinations for women, according to the latest edition of InterNation’s Expat Insider survey.

Coincidentally, Taiwan was the most popular destination by both men and women, a feat it achieved in its first appearance on the survey. This shouldn’t come as a surprise, as Taiwan was also named the best expat destination in the world thanks to its high scores in the quality of life and personal finance indices. However, women reported feeling less comfortable than men in the local culture.

Ecuador came in second among women who rated the country highly for cost of living and quality of life. In fact, 91% of female respondents claimed they’re satisfied with their social life in the South American country. Ecuador ranked third overall, having come out on top in the previous two years.

Malta also ranked well both among women and overall. The Mediterranean country rated highly on the ‘Ease of Settling In Index’, especially getting used to the local culture and making new friends. However, it dropped from first place to fifth in the ‘Working Abroad Index’ as the work- life balance fell compared to the previous year.

Looking a bit further down the list, Hungary ranked seventh among women but scored highly for careers, with 77% of respondents saying they were generally satisfied with their prospects. Female respondents were pleased with socialising and leisure activities in the Eastern European country- 35% of respondents claimed they couldn’t be happier. Women also found it easy to adapt to the local culture, with nearly a quarter scoring Hungary highly in this category.

India came in 26th among women, but it ranked well for work- life balance. 76% claimed to be generally satisfied, although one possible explanation for this is 37% work part- time. Women also reported feeling more positive about Indian’s attitudes to foreigners, with 36% saying they were completely satisfied in this respect. And nearly three- quarters of female respondents were happy with their financial situation, a key factor in the life of expats of both genders.

To learn more about the ten most popular destinations for women, read the full report here.