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Best Countries To Raise Kids

April 30th, 2018

Best Countries To Raise Kids

Are you looking to move to a new country for new experiences and better professional prospects? There are many things to consider before moving to a new country such as economic stability housing, cultural differences, language, medical care, etc. But, if you’re looking to start or raise a family, a whole new set of factors need to be considered. In the annual report by US News and World Reports on the best countries to live in, various aspects that go into building a great place to raise a family were revealed.

In the survey, 21,000 respondents evaluated 80 countries by ranking them based on 65 attributes like economic influence, power, citizenship and quality of life. To evaluate which countries were best to raise kids, the following eight attributes were considered – care for human rights, family-friendly, gender equality, happiness, income equality, level of safety, well-developed public education system and well-developed health care system.

Here they are the top ten,

10. Austria

Low crime rate, government support for families, almost free daycare, good education, and affordable healthcare makes Austria ideal for bringing up children.


9. Australia

This country is known for its leisure and extra-curricular activities for children. Sports is highly regarded in the country and Australia pays close attention to children’s health and nutrition.


8. New Zealand

New Zealand hospitals offer free healthcare to enrolled children under the age of 13. A good work-life balance also enables parents to be there for their children. The scenic country also offers a chance to explore and be adventurous. Kids have access to camping, hiking, and a host of other outdoor activities.

New Zealand

7. Switzerland

Switzerland is known to have one of the best standards of education in the world.


6. Netherlands

The country consistently scores high in terms of childcare and education. The country also focuses immensely on child safety in homes, schools, roads, and the development of comprehension.


5. Canada

Canada is highly regarded for its education and healthcare system. The country ranks high on OECD scores for math, reading and science. There are various safety programs provided by Child Safe Canada; From self-esteem programs to avoiding danger, Canada pays close attention to keepings its kids safe.


4. Finland

Affordable daycare, equality, long paternal and maternal leaves, and a great parenting culture makes Finland a great place to raise kids. The country is also considered one of the greenest places to live in.


3. Norway

The country ranks high in OECD rankings for reading, math, and science. Children are also entitled to full childcare in various daycare centers. The country also features in the top 10 countries for most business-friendly, quality of life, green living, transparency, entrepreneurs, women and modernity.


2. Sweden

Kids in Sweden spend a major part of their day outdoors and have fresh food daily. The education system of the country is also very advanced. Some expats in the country also find Sweden an easy place to settle in.


1. Denmark

Except for private institutions, primary and secondary education is free in Denmark. The parenting methods of Denmark revolves around trusting their kids. Children in Denmark are encouraged to explore their surroundings with minimal parental interference. In Denmark, childcare is available for all children up to the age of six.


So, it’s out, Denmark has emerged as the best country to raise a family and kids. Last year, Sweden held the top position in the list. If you are an expat living in a country away from home, we would like to hear your experience of raising a family in your new home country.