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A Gift Guide For You, This Christmas

December 10th, 2015

Christmas Celebrations

For many expats, Christmas is the time to take their annual leave for a trip back home to their loved ones, but for many who can’t make it home for Christmas, it’s the time of the year when they miss their home country and family the most. Christmas away from home can be very lonesome and sending Christmas presents for your family back home is the best way to feel closer to your family and be part of the celebrations.

Here are a few gifting ideas for your family and friends back home

Gifing Ideas

Home Decor

The holiday season is the perfect time for redecorating your home. Make it an extra special Christmas for your family by gifting Christmas themed upholstery, Christmas decorations, a Christmas tree, etc. You can also buy these things through an online retailer in your country.

Baking Equipment

Christmas is the season of cakes and cookies. Baking equipment like baking trays, ovens, recipe books, molds, etc. make for ideal gifts if anyone in your family loves to bake.

DIY Gifts

There is no better gift than a gift made by you. From a handmade Christmas card to home baked cookies, anything that you’re good at, will make your family feel your presence when they receive such gifts from you.

DIY Gifts


If you’re not into decorations or cookies, eBooks is a great gift for your friends and family, especially for those who are fond of reading. EBooks are easy to purchase and an ideal gift for an avid reader.

Local Items

You can send your family gifts purchased from the country where you’re currently residing. Local delicacies, sweets, textile, curios, etc. make for great Christmas presents and gives your family back home a sense of your country of residence.

Gift Packages

Many retailers offer assembled gift baskets that include a variety of gifts for everyone. These gift baskets are ideal for close friends and it relieves you of the stress of picking a gift, individually, for everyone.

Gift Vouchers

Sometimes you’re not sure if your gift will be in sync with what the recipient expects. The best way to solve this dilemma is to buy gift vouchers of their favorite store or an online retailer. This gives them the choice to buy what they really like.


If there is a gadget freak in your family, a latest gadget like a phone, a gaming console, a laptop or even an iPod is a good option. Make sure to consult with them before buying, to know their preferences. Gadgets like phones, webcams, laptops also help in staying in touch.

Send Money

Sending money to your loved ones is probably the best Christmas gift. Your family can choose to spend the money as per their requirement and desires. The money you sent can be used for Christmas gifts for everyone or could be saved for the future. You could do an instant money transfer now using a Xpress Money service convenient to you.
So if you’re away from home this Christmas, don’t worry. There are many ways to make this Christmas special for your loved ones back home.