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6 Simple Tips To Make Your Long-Distance Relationship Work

June 14th, 2019

6 simple tips to make your long-distance relationship work

Long distance marriages are a norm these days. Thanks to double income ambitious partners and rise in incomes, cases of married partners working in different countries are no longer an exception. However, maintaining a long-distance relationship is easier said than done. Here are six simple tips to make your long-distance relationship work.

1. Talk daily on the phone

Most global telecom operators these days offer cheap mobile data rates. You can easily communicate with each other either through data calling or by voice calling.

2. Keep your ‘we-time’ sacrosanct

Suppose you are planning to speak for 30 minutes at a time convenient for both, since time zones would be different; make that a routine. This time is meant for both of you to communicate with each other via video chat or voice calls. During this time, make sure everything else is secondary, unless of course there is an emergency.

3. Give each other space

Just like we time, ‘me time’ is also important. Ensure that your partner gets enough space to follow her/his hobbies, interests and interact with friends.

4. Small but frequent gestures

And as they say – love is like bread, it needs to be baked fresh daily. Thanks to hectic lifestyles and several distractions, it isn’t long before you may start taking each other for granted. Take out some time every day to express your love in small but sweet gestures. Sending cute gifs or posting a handwritten note or arranging for personalised gifts once in a while would make your special one feel loved. If you want to gift your special one something and you aren’t sure about what to buy, you can transfer money instantly using Xpress Money. Inform your spouse about the money transferred and its purpose and see how it adds a spark to your relationship.

5. Develop common interests to talk about

For instance, fix a list of web series or movies or sitcoms which both of you may like to watch. Watch them and discuss them so that there are common points to talk about when you chat.

6. Trust

Your wife may be out with one of her office colleagues. Or, your husband might be meeting his old female school mate. But that shouldn’t mean you start interrogating and fighting with each other. Trust is built on the bedrock of communication. Keep sending pictures and avoid secrecy about whom you are going out with or where you are going.

Finally, remember that for a happy relationship to blossom, your love and commitment to each other should be rock solid and comes above all else, no matter where you are.