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Transfer Your Money Home – Safely!

August 26th, 2019

Transfer Your Money Home – Safely!

About 10 million Filipinos have migrated overseas in search of greener pastures and to ensure a better standard of living for their families back home. A couple of years ago, Joanne too moved with similar dreams to the United Kingdom seeking better professional opportunities. Things were tough in the beginning since she had to not only manage her personal expenses in a new land but also send money home. Her aged parents were dependent on this remittance to manage their rent, groceries, medical expenses, and other sundry incidentals.

Joanne was always feeling stretched for funds. The operator she used for sending remittances to the Philippines was affecting her savings because of exorbitant remittance charges. Not just that, the service was unreliable and there was no assurance when the overseas remittance would be delivered. This would stress out both Joanne and her family.

After trying out various options for sending remittances, Joanne finally found the perfect solution in Xpress Money.

Highly Competitive Rates

Most operators Joanne used in the past charged a percentage fee of the transfer amount – the higher the amount, the bigger the fee. For anyone struggling to make ends meet , parting with that kind of money as transfer fees can be gut-wrenching. This forced Joanne to use remittance services only when strictly necessary, often putting her parents under financial strain.

However the transaction cost levied by Xpress Money for money transfer is favourable when compared to that of other operators. This came as a welcome relief for Joanne and other hardworking Filipinos who send home around USD 34 billion annually, making the Philippines one of the biggest markets for overseas remittances – behind only India and China.

What’s more, Joanne has figured out a hack for getting better rates for overseas remittances by closely monitoring the rates regularly. This gives Joanne a significant breather and the freedom to enjoy the fruits of her labour.

Transparency Is Key

Apart from being very competitive, the transaction fee charged by Xpress Money is completely transparent. Joanne simply logs on to the Xpress Money website, uses the currency calculator to check the prevailing exchange rate for the Philippine peso, and feeds in the amount. This way she can see the exact amount that the recipient will get in hand.

After checking the exchange rate all that Joanne needs to do is visit the nearest Xpress Money outlet to make a bank transfer to her family and rest assured that the money will reach its destination safely.

Never Too Far From a Loved One

The flexibility and convenience offered by Xpress Money’s remittance services make Joanne feel like she is never too far from her family. A while ago, her father was seriously ill and the family needed money urgently. The bank branch was too far and no one could go there to collect the inward remittance for the month. Joanne decided to search for a cash pick up location on the Xpress Money network. Lo and behold, there was one just down the road from the hospital her father was admitted in.

Xpress Money has a wide network of over 16000 agent locations in the Philippines owing to its partnership with some of the most trusted brands, such as Cebuana Lhuillier, M Lhuillier, Palawan Pawnshop, LBC Express and BDO.

Safety Comes First

Over the years the safety and reliability of the money transfer service has earned the trust of customers like Joanne. Xpress Money offers state-of-the-art security across every layer of transaction, so there is no risk to one’s hard-earned money. For instance, when Joanne sends money to her aunt, she shares with her a unique 16-digit XPIN for every transaction. To receive the remittance from a nearby location, her aunt needs to provide valid identification and the XPIN at the agent location and collect the money. As funds move from Joanne’s account to the local agent and up until it is delivered to her aunt, she can track the transaction in real-time every step of the way.

The Only Partner You Will Ever Need

Like Joanne, if you too are looking for a reliable, secure and cost-effective way to send money home to the Philippines, you know where to go. Xpress Money provides a variety of transfer options – from bank transfer to wallet upload to cash pick up – at competitive rates and favourable remittance charges.

Xpress Money understands the tight ship you need to run and how every peso counts. To this end Xpress Money makes constant efforts to bring down transfer charges globally so that the savings can act as the wind beneath your wings and help you become financially secure. There are no hidden charges or tax remittance add-ons. Xpress Money keeps things simple, convenient, stress-free and upfront.

Joanne always chooses Xpress Money. Joanne is smart. Be like Joanne.