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The UAE Is Home Away From Home For Filipinos

September 21st, 2018

The UAE Is Home Away From Home For Filipinos

Over 500,000 Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) have made their home in the United Arab Emirates1. It’s easy to see why. The UAE is recognized as one of the leading trade, business and leisure hubs of the Middle East. It attracts a multicultural community from around the world. There are some 240 nationalities at work and play in the UAE, and Filipinos are among the country’s five largest communities.

In most cases OFWs come to the UAE because of employment opportunities, but they tend to stay due to the opportunities, and the vibrancy of the lifestyle. The fact there is already an active community of Filipinos throughout the country helps matters.

The UAE is very much a home away from home for Filipinos. All the favourite delicacies from the Philippines are easily available. Want Philippine Adobo? Perhaps feel like tucking into Lumpia or Sinigang? Or even feel nostalgic for some Cassava Cake? No problem at all, because the thriving community in the UAE has restaurants and supermarkets that dedicate themselves to Filipino fare. Head to some areas, such as Al Satwa in Dubai, and you may as well be walking through a busy street in Manila. It’s a vibrant high-density urban area where apartment blocks and shops rub shoulders on crowded streets – and the Filipino community is at the heart of it all.

The social scene is equally vibrant, with plenty of nightspots, restaurants and bars catering to Filipinos. People from the Philippines are rightfully high-regarded for their musical skills – which means that plenty of entertainment venues dotting the country have Filipino bands performing ballads and rousing covers most nights.

Of course, most Filipinos in the UAE have close links to people back home. Many are looking after families and loved ones by sending money home regularly. The good news continues when it comes to remitting money – The UAE has several options for sending money overseas to choose from.
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