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How Long Does It Take To Transfer Money

July 12th, 2019

How Long Does It Take To Transfer Money | Xpress Money

When you want to transfer money overseas, speed as well as cost is often a key consideration. Whether you’re sending money regularly or perhaps need to make an urgent transfer, you’ll want to know how long does it take to transfer money quickly and smoothly in your recipient’s bank account, wallet, or at a cash pickup location.

Primarily how long does a money transfer take will depend on the provider you choose to send the money and your choice of transfer channel. Let’s take a look at your options and the quickest transfer methods.

Choosing the right transfer provider

Your first step is to pick the right money transfer provider. Transfer times can vary from a few minutes up to five days, and if you want speed and global reach, it is important you choose wisely. Today, thanks to digital technology and international money transfer organisations such as Xpress Money, it’s never been quicker or easier to send funds to growing number of destinations worldwide.

How to leverage instant money transfer – in cash?

If choice, convenience, connectivity and speed are your priority for money transfers then Xpress Money serves you well on all counts. And if you want the quickest way to send money, the best way forward is an instant money transfer using Xpress Money’s network of more than 200,000 cash pickup locations across 170 countries.

Money in minutes

Money arrives in minutes and all that the recipient has to do is collect it from the nearest Xpress Money partner location. Xpress Money’s extensive global network ensures there is partner within easy reach – even in remote regions.

The process couldn’t be simpler: visit an Xpress Money partner location, present a valid ID, hand over your cash, and share the 16-digit XPIN with the recipient. The recipient then visits an Xpress Money partner location, presents a valid ID and submits the XPIN number in order to collect the cash. What’s more, you can track your transaction and see when it has been picked up.

Fast, versatile money transfers

In addition to direct cash pickups, Xpress Money can also send money instantly by transferring cash to a mobile wallet, an app that allows you to store money and enables the receiver to make payments digitally. Further in few countries Xpress Money facilitates direct money transfer to a bank account where the receiver can access it immediately.

Cost efficient as well as quick

By choosing Xpress Money, you can be assured of a service that combines speed with efficiency and economy. As one of the most dependable money transfer organisations in the world, Xpress Money’s strives to keep remittance costs aligned to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goal of 3% by the year 2030.

Hence the answer to the question: how long does it take to transfer money is Xpress Money can make transfers instantly and cost effectively and if you choose to send money by cash pickup, you have the added benefit of accessing thousands of locations worldwide.