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XOPOTO – A New Name, A New Identity, A New Experience

December 13th, 2016

XOPOTO, A Money Transferring App

‘Change in the only constant’ – this famous quote by a great philosopher holds true very much today than it ever did before. We come across words such as evolution, change, variation, transformation, etc. every day of our lives that indicate the constantly changing and fast paced world that we live in.

Consumers and customers are the ones at the forefront, leading this revolution. Companies, brands and decision makers are running against time, gasping for breath, trying to keep up with the pace. Brands today, stay relevant only if they add value; customers stay loyal to forward thinking brands, those that are way ahead of time.

As a brand, Xpress Money continues to be relevant to its customers because we always give them what they want, we foresee their expectations and act accordingly. When we launched XOPO, the world’s first social money transfer app, earlier this year, we anticipated the need for such an app and gave our customers the choice of convenience. As expected, our customers have been highly receptive to the app since its launch. The convenience of sending money by simply selecting a beneficiary from a social or messaging channel, redefined the money transfer experience for our customers.

With a newer, suave and enhanced interface, we are now renaming XOPO to XOPOTO, to stay relevant and keep up with the ever evolving needs of our customers. The new interface has been designed keeping in mind the evolved customers’ wants and is sure to provide an exceptional user experience for them.

Given the brand affinity that XOPO has, we did not want to deviate and create a name that is completely different; we wanted our customers to have the same brand connect almost immediately with the new identity. We have therefore zeroed on XOPOTO, as it just adds to the original name without taking away from the original identity.

The functionality and security of the app are further enhanced too. Customers can be ensured that XOPOTO does not send money using social networks, it only allows you to select a contact or friend from social channels like Facebook or Twitter or messaging platforms like Whatsapp, WeChat and SMS. The money transfer actually happens through Xpress Money’s secure payment channels using a custom link. In short, there is no actual physical money being transferred on XOPOTO and there is no financial or personal information being shared on the system.

XOPOTO is redefining the way people send and receive international money transfers. Its new and improved interface will connect with people, not just through money transfer, but also the user experience that lets them communicate.

Our aspiration is defined in this name.

We want it to be a synonym for send,
So when you send money to someone,
You XOPOTO someone.

Written by Sudhesh Giriyan, COO, Xpress Money