A framework of safety & comfort

We at Xpress Money are committed to operate with integrity, within the scope of the law and with security. Therefore, when you choose our services to transfer money, irrespective of which country you are from or which currency you are using, you can be assured that your money is safe and will reach your family when they need it the most. Our infrastructure, global policies and error-free protocols ensure that the interest of each of our stakeholders is safeguarded “ be it customers, agents, associates or even our own employees.

A Sound Infrastructure

To guarantee security, we regularly update our systems and technology. Our staff is provided with consistent training to ensure uniform adherence to worldwide standards. Additionally, the data processing systems are secure and automated. The user activity audit trails and transaction data files are also auto generated. Additionally, our financial accounting statements and reports are integrated for reconciliation. We have also employed the use of a comprehensive risk- based AML monitoring solution provided by World-Check, the leading global provider of structured risk intelligence solutions.

Global Policies

We understand and respect that each country we operate in has its own governing rules and regulations. Thus, our quality checks and controls are aligned to global security standards. This also ensures that our network remains error-free and secure. We are also proud of our robust AML compliance features such as online scanning, country and product specific rules, etc. ensuring all regulatory standards set by organizations like UAE Central Bank, AUS-TRAC, FATF, OFAC, FERG, to name a few, are strictly followed.

Simple, Error-Free Processes

To ensure that no one other than the beneficiary can claim the wired money, a unique 16-digit PIN is generated for each transaction, known only to you and the beneficiary. Additionally, every customer receives automated SMS alerts regarding their transactions. Each transaction is automatically processed in the backend and the status can be viewed via a simple web-based enquiry.