We are Xpress Money

We know you have dreams and you are working towards making those dreams come true. At Xpress Money, we want to be a part of your dream “ whether it is building your home, sending your children to the best schools or keeping your family in good health “ by offering you a convenient way to send money back home. We are humbled that we have been instrumental in helping millions of people realize their dreams, for nearly two decades now.

Our Advantage

INSTANT TRANSFERS: With our robust technology, your money is transferred instantly across the globe.

CONVENIENCE: We equip you to send money the way you want - to a Bank Account, to be picked up in Cash, to a Mobile Wallet or get Cash delivered at your Doorstep. With our robust partnerships that have a network of over 200,000 agent locations in more than 170+ countries, an Xpress Money location is always close to you.

AFFORDABLE: We want to help you save more on your money transfers and that’s why we offer low transfer fees and great exchange rates.

SECURE: Our state-of-the-art technology and robust compliance process ensures that your money moves safely from one place to another.