Xpress Money and LCFC unite people across the world, whether it's through a shared passion for football, or through instant global money transfer services to their loved ones. We are proud to partner with LCFC, because we find common ground in our pursuit for excellence. Xpress Money is the first Official Money Transfer Partner for the club.

Whether you're a fan rooting for LCFC or an expat living away from home, we know how unwavering loyalty can help you overcome any distance and any obstacle. That's why we, Xpress Money and LCFC, strive every day to win every match, and make every money transfer secure, fast and affordable for everyone.

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Wherever in the world you go, there are some things that transcend the barriers of language, race and nationality. Like the collective excitement of a football match, the shared loyalty for your team, and the universal feeling of belonging, comfort and love that we call home. We are proud to help millions of people keep that feeling of home alive, through international money transfer services across more than 170 countries.

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