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By becoming our strategic partner and part of our global network, you could bolster your business and give yourself the opportunity of growth you have been seeking. It will also be an opportunity to increase your potential manifold

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You get a system that is easy-to-use and easy-to-install

Receive Constant Support

We are just a call away, for any support you might need. We are always here to guide you throughout the learning curve (and even after that).

Receive Regular Training

You benefit from our proven Marketing Tools and everything you need to start your new Xpress Money service

Get Access to Advertising

We also help you advertise your services to increase your reach and efficacy

A Formidable

Our strong network currently includes 272 banks, 1527 non-banking financial institutions, 1235 travel agents and 3959 single agents across the world.

Our network is largest in Asia, followed by Europe and America. We are the most dominant player in the Middle East market with 1200+ locations in GCC and another 1000+ locations in Egypt, Lebanon, Jordan and Yemen.

In the Asia Pacific region, we are proud to be the most reputed and respected brand for money transfer services. With more than 45,000 agent locations in India, 6000 locations in Pakistan and 10,000 agent locations that cover even the remote towns and villages of Bangladesh, we have adopted several innovative and effective methods of money transfer for our customers.

In South East Asia, we have the most extensive network in the Philippines with 13,500 agent locations and another 13,000 locations covering Japan, Hong Kong, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, Brunei, and Cambodia. We also have around 400 agent locations spanning Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands.

Additionally, we are present in around 30 countries with 8500+ locations in Africa, are the number one player in Ethiopia and Seychelles, and have 15,000+ locations in Europe and 15,000+ locations in CIS and Russia

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Growing Network

Xpress Money is a constantly growing family and we welcome people who share our passion for providing a secure, simple and safe money transfer service to customers across the globe. Our relationships are based on the principles of trust, dependability and consistency.

We offer you a great opportunity to leverage our presence, our expertise and our proud tradition. Our partners will receive all the support they need for a strong, reliable money transfer service that is affordable and extremely effective.

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STEP 3Once approved, you will receive the necessary training to run an Xpress Money centre

Thank you for your interest. Please email us the details of your company to customer.relations@xpressmoney.com

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