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Give your loved ones in Kenya the power of choice. We offer multiple options to receive money in Kenya, with ease.
  • Bank Deposit
    Get 24X7 access to moneyTransfer to major banks in KenyaOur partners include Chase Bank, Gulf African Bank, Diamond Trust Bank, Fidelity Bank & Dubai Bank
  • Cash Pickup
    Money is transferred in minutesCan be collected from over
    180 Xpress Money agent locations
    Find an Xpress Money Agent location in Kenya
  • Mobile Wallet
    Instant transfer to M-Pesa accounts
    Cashless payments
    Easy access to money at over 40,000
    M-Pesa locations
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  • Instant Transfer
    Fast, really fast! Your money will reach Kenya before you even get back to the nearest tube station
  • Best Rates
    You can finally stop paying unreasonable transfer fees for bad exchange rates. We offer the best rates and low transfer fees
  • Wide Network
    You can send money from nearly 300 locations in UK to over 40,000 agent locations in Kenya

Incredible Facts About M-Pesa

You probably didn't know
  • More than 2/3 of Kenya's adult population uses m-Pesa services
  • Over six million transactions are carried out over the service daily
  • Today one quarter of the 44 billion dollar economy in Kenya runs through m-Pesa
  • In 2012 Safaricom made more revenue from m-Pesa than from SMS and data put together
  • There are now more mobile money accounts than bank accounts and more mobile money agent outlets than bank branches in Kenya
  • It's easier to pay for a cab ride in Kenya on your mobile phone than it is anywhere else in the world
  • The "M" stands for mobile; "Pesa" is the Swahili word for money
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