Xpress Money, Instant Money Transfer


Xpress Money's vision is to make international money transfers more and more convenient for the millions of expats around the world. Through global partnerships, innovative solutions, robust compliance and a deep understanding of customer needs and expectations, we are rapidly becoming the most preferred and trusted cross-border money transfer brand in the world.

Expats truly define the habit, desire and drive for more. They live away from their loved ones to provide more for them. In order to become their preferred way of sending money, we offer them more.

More Speed

With Xpress Money, cash can be transferred from one part of the world to another instantly. We also offer real time bank account transfers to select countries.

More Reach

With an ever-growing global network of over 200,000 agent locations across 160 countries, money can be received conveniently in any part of the world. We continue to partner with some of the most significant banks and financial institutions to further boost our reach around the world. Innovation is the key to convenience and we constantly innovate to provide new, better ways to send and receive money.

More Value

While sending money with Xpress Money, the customer pays less transfer charges and gets the best exchange rates. This way, the sender spends less and the receiver gets more.

More Innovation

Innovation has been key to our goal of making money transfers more convenient for people around the world. We have led the way into the new world of remittances by path breaking solutions. We launched XOPOTO, the world's first social international mobile money transfer app from UK. We are also coming up with an online money transfer platform that will redefine the way people send money.

More Security

With our robust compliance and unique 16 digit XPIN, you can be assured of a safe & secure money transfer experience

More Support

24 X 7 customer support and online transaction tracker, to help you keep track of your money all day, everyday

More Choice. More Convenience

With multiple options including cash transfer, bank account, mobile money & door delivery, your loved ones can choose the most convenient way to receive money