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Money transfers to Kenya have never been this easy. Xpress Money offers three convenient ways in which money can be received in Kenya. Depending on your beneficiary’s preference, you can send money in cash, to their bank account or directly to their Safaricom mobile; all of the options for international money transfers are available to you. We also understand the value of your hard earned money - the reason why our rates for sending money to Kenya are so affordable. These benefits, coupled with an extensive network of locations in the country, ensure that your loved ones receive the money you send to them with ease.

Enjoy Multiple Ways Of Receiving Money In Kenya

In Cash

  • From more than 180 pick up locations
  • Money is received within minutes
  • Our wide network has Kenya well covered

Directly to Your Account

  • 24/7 access to your money
  • Withdraw money from an ATM or make direct purchases
  • Our partners Chase Bank, Gulf African Bank and more

Transfer Money to Your Mobile

  • Have money credited directly to your Safaricom Mobile Wallet
  • Withdraw money from an ATM or collect it from any of the 40,000 m-pesa locations
  • Or simply use the mobile wallet to make purchases at PoS locations

Enjoy the best rates for money transfers to Kenya from the UK with us!

Use any of our agent locations in the UK to send money home to your loved ones living in Kenya at a starting price of just £3.

Call our Toll Free Number to know more: 0080 0700 45700

Learn how to send money in cash here.

Enjoy Multiple Benefits On Receiving Money In Kenya

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With so many benefits on offer, using our service when you send money to Bangladesh can help you stay relaxed while your loved ones receive money without any hassle, back home.

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