Xpress Money, Instant Money Transfer

We are Xpress Money

Imagine having a dream. Imagine having it come true. Xpress Money is not just about international money transfer. It’s a way to make your dreams come true. Whether it is children’s education, or building a dream home, a lavish wedding for a daughter, or medical treatment for an ailing parent, sending money home in time was never easier.

With over 170,000 partners around the globe, an Xpress Money agent is never far away. When you choose us, you choose a money transfer service that is convenient, affordable, accessible and secure. Not only that, our competitive pricing ensures that when you transfer money internationally, you can send home the maximum possible money!

Over the last 16 years, with 100 percent commitment and respectful handling of our customers' hard earned money Xpress Money has earned its customers' seal of approval for its dependability and trustworthiness. We are proud to say that we have thousands of happy customers across the world using our services every day.