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  • United Kingdom

    Xpress money is a money transfer company which has grown very fast within a short period of time. I'm very happy with their service as its fast and safe, I have never faced any issues when sending money through Xpress Money.

    - Sofia Ibrahim

    I send money to Pakistan through Xpress Money on a regular basis and I have never had any issues. It is instant and the best thing is that it is free to send money to Pakistan.

    - Hassan Mirza

    I sent money to India so many times with other money transfer providers but when I tried Xpress Money last year I thought it was very good. The main thing is this they have a one minute service! This is amazing! So that's why I'm very happy with your service.

    - Biljeet Singh

    My friend recommended that I use Xpress Money to send money to Bangladesh and I have tried it 4 times and the feedback is 100%. I will always use Xpress Money from now on!

    - Khalid Hussaini