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Xpress Money launches Ahoy Service for seafarers

Philippines,03 October 2013: The Philippines is the largest supplier of seafarers worldwide, with over 400,000 deployed in ships of foreign registry, they comprise approximately 40 percent of the global maritime fleet. Annually, their remittances amount to over US$ 4 billion, which makes up at least 20 percent of total remittances from migrant Filipino workers. With such significant numbers linked to Filipino seafarers, there is a need to extend special assistance and services that specifically cater to their unique working and living conditions.

This was the highlight of the recent Philippine Seafarers' Congress held at the Luneta Seafarers' Center, where DIWA Party-list Representative Emmeline Aglipay rallied for the plight of seafarers. Being in international waters poses distinct challenges for them, including feelings of isolation and being subjected to cramped, uncomfortable living quarters. They also have increased exposure to health and safety hazards due to extreme weather conditions, as well as piracy in high-risk areas. While they are out at sea, suitable laws to protect their rights are also more difficult to enforce, and embassies or consulates are not easily accessible. This makes them more vulnerable to unfair practices and abuse.

International money transfer brand Xpress Money similarly supports the rights and welfare of seafarers as they venture out to sea. "We recognize how difficult it is for Filipino seafarers to leave their families for such a long period of time, but they do it to ensure a good life for their loved ones. We support their endeavors and we continually find ways to ease their life away from home," said Xpress Money Country Manager, Eduardo Cobangbang.

During the Philippine Seafarers' Congress, seafarers gathered in search of employment opportunities and to avail of services to help them with necessary application and deployment requirements. Xpress Money also joined in the event as it announced its Ahoy Service.

The Ahoy Service assists seafarers by providing a convenient and safe way to send money to their families and other recipients at home. With this service, Xpress Money facilitates its remittance services to seafarers through agent partners, who are strategically located near key ports.

"This service is particularly helpful for seafarers who are deployed in ships with a quick turnaround time, such as those that are docked for only about an hour. With a remittance service close to the port, they can easily send home money for any urgent financial needs," said Xpress Money Head of Business Development for Asia-Pacific, Joel Candy. "For seafarers who are paid in cash onboard, this also addresses the risk of their hard-earned money being stolen from their cabins, especially with the shared space and lack of privacy in their living quarters."


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