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What our Customers feel about us...

  • Ethiopia | Ghana | Uganda

    Xpress Money is fast and affordable and covers so many countries. It is easy and convenient to use.

    - Tumwebare Anna

    It's the best service because it helps us get our money on time, at the right time to solve their problems. It enables the people to help their families who live far away from them by sending them money.

    - Kyasiimire Flavia

    I think it's one of the best modes of transferring money because I have seen how safe it is without any mistakes. It takes less time and is very affordable.

    - Innocent

    It's one of the best and the quickest.

    - Nalubwama Lydia

    It is a fast and the cheapest way of sending money especially when compared to other money transfer services whose charges for sending money are higher.

    - Althaf Mohamed