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Xpress Money salutes Filipino ultra-marathoner Cesar Guarin

~ Sponsors the seventh phase of his run for a noble cause ~

~ Proceeds from the run to go towards the welfare of OFW's and street children in Philippines ~

Oman, May 02nd, 2013: Xpress Money, the world's most dependable money transfer brand, as part of its global CSR campaign H.O.P.E, has sponsored the seventh leg i.e. the GCC stage of Filipino ultra- marathoner Cesar Guarin's 16-phase global run. In this phase, Guarin will run 1,160 kilometers in the Middle East starting from Bahrain, Qatar, Kuwait, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, via Oman concluding in Dubai, UAE in less than 35 days. Guarin has arrived in Oman today and over the next 7 days will cover 243 kms of his target in the country.

Cesar Guarin is a man on a mission to cover 42,000 kilometers and 47 countries across the world through his global run. He has dedicated this quest to OFWs across the world. Guarin donates a part of his proceeds from the ultra-marathon towards the welfare of the Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) and also towards raising funds for Filipino street children. Xpress Money is wholeheartedly supporting him on this noble cause, because as a brand it has consistently undertaken initiatives that work towards social inclusion and community support programmes through H.O.P.E.

Xpress Money deeply cares for the OFW community and this commitment has reflected through their continuous engagements with the community at large, be it through relief campaigns for Typhoon Sendong or Typhoon Pablo or by providing basic school supplies (in association with the GMA- Kapuso Foundation) to 4000 children across regional provinces in Philippines last year. It also runs its very own OFW center in the Philippines to train Filipinos migrating abroad for employment opportunities. Xpress Money associates itself with Cesar Guarin's cause not merely as a sponsor but more as part of its continued cause of supporting OFWs!

Mr. Vinesh Nair, Vice-President, Global Marketing and Communications Head, Xpress Money said, "We believe that each and every OFW is a modern day hero, in his/her own right; after all it's not easy to leave families behind and travel miles away from them in search of opportunities to secure their future. Xpress Money acknowledges and salutes each of these OFWs and, we are happy that we found a true ambassador of Philippines in Cesar Guarin. Through H.O.P.E., we are proud to be associated with this unique cause which highlights the spirit of Filipinos who have migrated from their homes to achieve their dreams."

Speaking about his deep connection with the OFW community, Mr. Cesar Guarin said, "We all have one thing in common – our yearning to achieve our dreams. For this reason, I am in awe of those who took the more courageous route of making a difference and facing the odds outside the comfort of their homeland," he remarked. "I am even more amazed to meet them in person and hear their success stories. It is from their experiences that I find my own inspiration. My global run serves as a tribute and token of my gratitude to all Filipinos abroad for inspiring me to not give up and take courage in fulfilling my dream of running across the globe," he added.

Having already run 16,000km across 15 countries since 1983, the 57-year-old from Manila still has 26,000km and 32 countries to complete, before he can be named the first Asian to have run an accumulative distance equivalent to the circumference of the earth. In the GCC, Guarin will run 40-60km a day, resting only on Fridays to meet with members of the Filipino community at consulates and embassies across the region.

About H.O.P.E:

H.O.P.E (Helping Our People and Environment)is a sustainable corporate social initiative by Xpress Money that focuses on three global themes –financial literacy and inclusion, education and relief work. The first phase of the initiative is being implemented in GCC, South Asia, and Asia Pacific with women and school children being the prime beneficiaries.


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