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Xpress Money is a constantly growing family and we welcome people who commonly share our passion. Our relationships are based on the principles of trust, dependability and consistency. As one of the top global money transfer companies, with 170,000 agent locations across the world, we offer you a great opportunity to leverage our presence, our expertise and our proud tradition. Our partners hugely benefit from our strong network and our ties with renowned banks and non-banking institutions, offering them all the support they need for a strong reliable money transfer service that is affordable and extremely effective.

Becoming our strategic partner could bolster your business and give you the opportunity of growth, you've been seeking as part of our global network.

Joining us is a simple process and we are always here to guide you throughout the learning curve (and even after that).

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  • You expand your business and increase your potential manifold
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  • You benefit from our proven Marketing Tools and everything you need to start your new Xpress Money service
  • We help you advertise your services to increase your reach and efficacy

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