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Vijayalakshmi Pradeep

Vijayalakshmi Pradeep

A note from the global HR head

Xpress Money takes pride in its employees! Our team is made up of enterprising people who are flexible and innovative. We believe that it is the people that create the culture of an organization.

As an organization, we provide our employees with a development platform to grow professionally as well as personally so that they can meet their ambitions. Clarity is provided with well-defined job profiles and descriptions. This enables an employee to see every team member's individual contribution to the larger picture of the organization. There is a close mutual working commitment, which stems from interlinking roles that are clearly etched out and implemented.

For us, people are the investment of our organization. Thus, we encourage a good balance between life and work. We like to consider ourselves as a worldwide family spread across 160 countries that we are proudly present in.

We enjoy our work at Xpress Money, and with our expansion plans, we always welcome talent.

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