Xpress Money, Instant Money Transfer

Queries? Answered!

  • What is Xpress Money?

    Xpress Money is one of the largest money transfer services in the world today. Our business is to help people send and receive money across the world in minutes. Our large and diversified network connects the world and facilitates fast, convenient, secure and affordable money transfers.

  • How do I send money?

    Visit any Xpress Money send agent

    Fill out a send money form

    Make sure that the beneficiary's name is spelt correctly

    Hand over amount to be transferred and transfer charges

    Give the beneficiary the unique 16 digit XPIN number

  • How do I receive money?

    Visit the receive agent

    Hand over official photo ID

    Present 16 digit XPIN number

    Money is paid out in minutes

  • How do I know that my money will be safe with Xpress Money?

    We have put in efforts to ensure that our infrastructure and protocols are secure and error-free. This way we make sure that the interest of each of our stakeholders is safeguarded – be it customers, agents, associates or even our own employees.

    We have created a widely accepted ecosystem that connects some of the world's largest banks, NBFCs, Exchange Houses and Retailers.

    Trust built and earned across 14 years, 100 percent commitment and respectful handling of our customer's hard earned money is what makes Xpress Money safe

  • What does send country mean?

    The country or location you are sending money from is called ‘send country’. Click here to know the complete list of send countries in the Xpress Money Network

  • What does receive country mean?

    The country or location in which the beneficiary is receiving money is called ‘receive country’. Depending on the country you are sending money to, your beneficiary will be able to collect cash at one of our agent locations, or receive the money in their bank account, get it delivered to the doorstep, or receive it on their mobile phones. You need to choose the mode of payment in the receive country at the time of making the money transfer.

  • Can I send money from wherever I am?

    With our vast network, spanning more than 150 countries across 5 continents andover 170,000 agent locations globally, an Xpress Money location is never too far from you. The list of countries you can send money from can be found here. Click here to access our agent tool, to find an agent nearest to you.

    However, there are certain countries in our network where the government/regulators do not allow outbound transfers. If the country you want to send money from does not feature in the send country list above, you will be unable to use our services to transfer money internationally from that location.

  • How do I find a Xpress Money location?

    Click here to access our agent tool, to find an agent nearest to you.

  • Can I transfer money directly to someone’s account? Or transfer it online?

    Yes. You can transfer money to bank accounts in a number of countries. Read below to know the multiple ways in which money can be received:

    • In Cash
    • Directly into a bank account
    • Delivered at home
    • On a mobile wallet
    • In a Card
    • To an ATM

    *Certain services are offered only in select countries

  • How do I know the status of my transfer?

    Every customer receives automated SMS alerts regarding their transactions. You can even use our Transaction Tracker system to know where your money is at all times through a simple web based enquiry

  • I am tracking my transaction, and the status shows ‘pending’. What does that mean?

    A transaction can reflect as ‘pending’, ‘collected’ or ‘cancelled’. Pending status usually means that the money transfer request is in process or the beneficiary has not yet collected the payout. When the beneficiary collects the payout, the status will reflect as ‘collected’.

    If the status is showing ‘cancelled’, it could be because a customer has cancelled the transaction. It could also show ‘cancelled’ if our compliance system finds either the sender or the receiver’s name in a black list, or if the system detects any discrepancies in the transaction. In such cases, the transaction is automatically blocked.

  • Which document can I submit as an identity proof?

    Any Government-authorized ID with a photo fixed in it is accepted as identity proof– the most common being PAN Card, Driving License, Passport, National ID, etc. However, the IDs accepted differ from country to country.

  • Why do I need to show an ID while receiving money? Isn’t the XPIN enough?

    Xpress Money is committed to safeguarding the interests of our customers. The ID is a document which authenticates the transaction and transaction claims. It serves as an additional confirmation of identity, apart from the XPIN. It also ensures that the customer details are not misused by unrecognized personnel. Moreover, there are regulatory requirements in the respective countries which direct the Money Transfer Operators to follow certain procedures while transferring money.

  • What is the least amount which can be sent though Xpress Money?

    The least amount to be sent through Xpress Money is unit 1 in any send Currency. The charges to the lowest slab will apply.

  • What is the maximum amount which can be received through Xpress Money?

    Xpress Money keeps USD 7500 or equivalent as the highest limit for every transaction. But the above limit differs from country to country, according to their monetary authority's rules and regulations. The payout limit will always be equal to or less than USD 7500

  • Are there any charges to transfer money through Xpress Money?

    Yes. However the charges differ from country to country. Click here to use our Rate Calculator or visit any Xpress Money location to know more.

  • How do I know the exchange rate?

    Our Rate Calculator is configured to give you real time transfer rates and exchange rates based on the transfer amount. Click Here for the Rate Calculator

  • Are there any deductions when the money is paid out to the beneficiary?

    No. Xpress Money does not deduct any fee at the time of payouts to the beneficiary; what you send is exactly what they receive. Such deductions are usually termed as ‘Back end’ charges by certain operators, and includes currency conversion margins and processing fees, which are usually shouldered by the beneficiary, thereby reducing the total amount of money they collect. Xpress Money does not charge such a fee, however, there might be some countries where the regulatory rules have the practice of deducting stamp duties or taxes.

  • Can the receiver choose the currency for collecting the money?

    Only the sender can choose the currency for payout. It needs to be chosen before transferring money and cannot be changed later.

  • Can the payout be made in multiple currencies?

    Yes, money can be sent in more than one currency depending upon the countries involved, but it needs to be chosen before transferring the money.

  • What is ‘Anywhere Payout’?

    With Anywhere Payout, beneficiaries can receive money from any convenient Xpress Money agent location within the country they reside in. Senders do not have to specify an exact location while remitting money as the payout can happen from anywhere within the receive country. While collecting money receiver can walk in to any agent location within the country, provide the XPIN number with a valid photo id and receive the money sent to him/her. Anywhere Payout is available in these countries:

    • BHUTAN
    • FIJI
    • GAMBIA
    • GHANA
    • GREECE
    • INDIA
    • JORDAN
    • KENYA
    • KUWAIT
    • NEPAL
    • OMAN
    • PALAU
    • QATAR
    • RWANDA
    • SAMOA
    • UGANDA
    • YEMEN
  • Who can I contact for assistance?

    Please visit any of our agent location or Click Here to reach our contact information page. A customer support executive will get back to you within 24 hours.