Xpress Money, Instant Money Transfer

No matter where you are, with Xpress Money's worldwide network and multiple payout options, sending money to your loved ones is a hassle free experience. From instant cash transfers to account credit, from door delivery to remit cards, we provide the most convenient routes for you and your beneficiaries to send and receive money. Your transactions are always secure and can be tracked at any given time.

A gratifying experience awaits you with Xpress Money's convenient money transfer services and superior benefits

More Locations. More convenience

With 180,000 cash pickup points across 160 countries, an Xpress Money location will always be close to you

More Speed. Less Waiting

With our instant transfers, your loved ones don't have to wait for money

Send More. Pay Less

With our best rates and low transfer fees, you pay in less for your loved ones to receive more money

More Security

With our robust compliance and unique 16 digit XPIN, you can be assured of a safe & secure money transfer experience

More Peace of Mind

SMS confirmation to the sender once the receiver collects the money

More Support

24 X 7 customer support and online transaction tracker, to help you keep track of your money all day, everyday

More Choice. More Convenience

With multiple options including cash transfer, bank account, mobile money & door delivery, your loved ones can choose the most convenient way to receive money

The Xpress Money Advantage

Taking our philosophy of customers' convenience a step ahead, we ensure that...

  • The sender receives an SMS confirmation when the money is received by the beneficiary
  • We have a 24X7 customer support centre to assist you with all your queries
  • We provide a full refund, including the transfer fee, should you decide to cancel a transaction

Trust Xpress Money for your money transfers, because transacting with us is a convenient, secure and hassle free process.