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Xpress Money and NMC Hospitals take breast cancer awareness to migrant women workers

~ Breast Cancer Awareness workshop organized at a women’s labour camp in Al Quoz, where residents pledged to protect their health ~

Dubai, October, 2015: Under its global corporate social responsibility program H.O.P.E- Xpress Money, the world’s most dependable money transfer brand, partnered with NMC Hospitals to raise awareness about the risks of breast cancer, amongst migrant women workers in Dubai. Xpress Money recently organized a workshop at a labour camp in Al Quoz, which is home to over 300 migrant women labourers from different nationalities.

The workshop was conducted by lady doctors from the NMC Hospital who informed the attendees about the symptoms and causes of breast cancer - a disease that affects one in eight women and often goes undetected. Doctors sensitized the women about the importance of selfchecks, and gave demonstrations on how the checks can be performed.

The breast cancer awareness workshop also offered an opportunity for the women labourers to interact with doctors to ask questions and clarify their doubts. In addition, interested women were also given free checkups by the doctors at the event.

As part of the awareness drive, these women labourers from Sri Lanka, Nepal, India and Africa pledged to take care of their health and be aware of the risks of breast cancer.

Commenting on the health awareness initiative, Ashwin Gedam, Head- Global Marketing, Xpress Money said, “Beyond a normal breast cancer awareness programme, we wanted to build a wider sense of health sensitivity among the migrant women workers who generally neglect their health while toiling for their family back home. The pledge was aimed at instilling the message of good health among the women migrant workers, a significant part of the expatriate labour community in the UAE.”

Ms. Kanchana, a Srilankan expat worker who took part in the event said, “The awareness campaign organised by Xpress Money and NMC was an eye-opener for us and we thank the organisers for creating such an opportunity which has helped us be aware of the importance of looking after our health. We really appreciate the doctor’s advice and also the checkups given to us.”

Xpress Money also extended a similar awareness program for its employees at the company headquarters in Dubai, UAE. This is the second year in a row that Xpress Money has taken up the cause of Breast Cancer Awareness amongst women.

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