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Your loved one can enjoy multiple benefits with the M-Pesa wallet on any Safaricom mobile

  • 24/7 access
    to money

  • No deductions
    for receiving money

  • Pay bills & shop
    with your mobile

  • Encash the funds from any M-Pesa location

Discover how
simple it is:

Other ways to receive money

As Cash
Bank Account

1. What is M-Pesa?

2. Does the beneficiary need to have a bank account?

3. How does one register for M-Pesa and is there a fee for registration?

4. Can the sender cancel the transaction?

5. Can a remitter modify/amend the details of a transaction/XPIN?

6. The M-Pesa service will be available in which countries in the Xpress Money network?

7. What is the maximum amount I can send to Kenya per transaction?

8. How many days would the beneficiary have to register for M-Pesa to claim the remittance transaction?

9. What would be the status of transaction if beneficiary fails to register within the grace period?

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