Xpress Money, Instant Money Transfer

Why should you send money to an
MTN Mobile Wallet?

Mobile Money Transfer in Ghana
  • Low cost

    We offer the lowest* transfer fee for sending money to Ghana

  • Instant Money transfer

    Money is credited within minutes on the MTN Mobile Wallet, once you complete the transfer

  • Convenience
    • 24/7 access to money
    • Funds can also be withdrawn as cash from any MTN location in Ghana
    • The wallet can be used for daily expenses, paying school fees, electricity bills and other purchases
  • Peace of mind

    Once the money is received in Ghana, we will send you an SMS update

All your beneficiary has to do is a simple, one-time
registration at any MTN location in Ghana,
before they use their phone as a mobile wallet.

Discover how simple it is:

How mobile money transfer works

Walk into an
Xpress Money location
near you
Provide the beneficiary’s
details, MTN mobile number
and hand over the amount
Your beneficiary will receive
an SMS confirmation
to receive money
Once the money reaches the
mobile phone, it will serve as a
wallet that can be used to pay
bills or purchases and can be
withdrawn from any ATM

Have more questions about how the service works? Read some of the most frequently asked questions

1. What is MTN Mobile Money?

MTN Mobile Money is an innovative mobile payment solution introduced by MTN in Ghana that allows customers to make simple financial transactions through their phones, including money transfers. It was designed specifically to facilitate the monetary transactions of people who were not part of any banking network, or simply those customers who don't have a bank account.

2. Does the beneficiary need to have a bank account?

No. Mobile wallet services are available to everyone whose MTN mobile numbers are registered with MTN Mobile Money; no bank account is required.

3. How does one register for MTN Mobile Money and is there a fee for registration?

Registering for MTN Mobile Money is free, there are no charges whatsoever. It is a one time process and all you need to do is walk into any authorized MTN Mobile Money location in Ghana, provide a copy of your valid ID and your valid MTN SIM and you will be registered instantly.

4. Can the sender cancel the transaction?

Yes, the transaction can be cancelled prior to the amount being credited to the beneficiary's Mobile Wallet. However, if the transaction is paid, it cannot be cancelled.

5. Can a remitter modify/amend the details of a transaction/XPIN?

No, transaction details cannot be amended.

6. The MTN Mobile Money service will be available in which countries in the Xpress Money network?

Xpress Money customers in UAE, Qatar, Kuwait, Australia, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Germany, Italy, Malta, Saudi Arabia, United Kingdom and USA will be able to send money to MTN Mobile Money wallets in Ghana.

7. What is the maximum amount I can send to Ghana per transaction?

The maximum one can send to Ghana from any of these countries would be equivalent to USD 400 per transaction.

8. Is sending money to a MTN Mobile Wallet safe?

Yes, it is a highly secure transfer as the information is exchanged with the partner through a secured 128 bit SSL encryption. Additionally, beneficiary's cash is safe as it is protected by a secure PIN, whereby only the registered MTN mobile wallet customers will be able to access the funds.

9. How much money can I send to a MTN Mobile Money wallet in a month?

You can send up to $1000 in to a MTN Mobile Wallet in any given calendar month.

10. How can the money received in a mobile wallet be used? Can it be withdrawn in cash?

Funds on the Mobile Wallets can be used for miscellaneous services like bill payments, buying mobile credit, sending money to other registered Mobile Wallet customers, merchant payments etc. It can also be withdrawn in cash from any MTN Mobile Money location across Ghana.