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Xpress Money organized an orientation program to educate aspiring migrants from Bihar

~ A unique initiative to create awareness about the various facets of migration ~

Patna, August, 2015: Xpress Money, one of the world’s most dependable money transfer brands, recently organized its first-ever pre-departure orientation program in Bihar, for migrants going overseas for employment opportunities.

This training program was conducted at ISO Technical Institute, a unique skill training institute and consultancy at Mairwa in Siwan district of Bihar. The program was attended by a group of young aspirants who were ready to embark on their journey to foreign shores in search of a better livelihood. As per the Ministry of Overseas Indian Affairs report, there has been an increase of over 60% in migration, in the last five years from Bihar. More than 98,500 people have migrated from the state in 2014 seeking employment opportunities in international markets.

The orientation program aims to educate migrants on the do’s & don’ts and rules and regulations of their destination countries. Xpress Money explained to the participants about the working environments, language and cultural milieu, legal rights and obligations, and employment laws. In short, they were informed about all the important aspects of migration.

Since the families of these migrants are largely dependent on remittances, Xpress Money also educated the participants about the importance of safe money transfer through legal channels. The company demonstrated the money transfer process through a simple presentation and briefed them about the different kinds of safe banking and remittance channels. The aspiring migrants were also advised against sending money through illegal channels and given tips on financial planning and cost-effective methods to enhance savings.

Xpress Money distributed leaflets containing country-specific information on the money transfer process and agent partners along with a directory of important phone numbers of the embassy, police, hospitals, etc. All doubts raised by the participants on migration and the money transfer process were happily addressed by Xpress Money officials.

Speaking about this initiative, Mr. Sudhesh Giriyan, COO, Xpress Money, said, “Over the past decade, Bihar has emerged as one of the fastest growing remittance receiving markets for Xpress Money in India. This surge in remittances is largely due to international migration of people, especially from the semi-skilled and unskilled category. These young and aspiring migrants are mostly employed in construction, transportation, farmlands, shops, stores, and households as domestics.”

Mr. Giriyan continued, “At times, migrants abroad are faced with legal issues pertaining to the country or labor laws and because of the lack of knowledge, dealing with such situations becomes difficult for them. Therefore, we believe it is our responsibility to educate and help the migrants in their migration process, to the best of our ability. Through these programs, we aim to educate migrants on the basics that will help them to build the foundation for their future.”

Shehzad Khan, a trained carpenter seeking employment opportunities in the UAE, said, “Previously, I was nervous and apprehensive about moving to a completely new land. However, this orientation program conducted by Xpress Money has boosted my self-confidence. The Xpress Money officials took us through the entire money transfer process in a simple manner. They explained how my family here in Siwan would receive money instantly by visiting the Xpress Money agent location nearby. This addressed my concerns about remitting money to my family. I feel relieved now.”

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