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Xpress Money aims to reduce remittance costs for customers with its new Rewards Program

~ The only money transfer brand in UAE to give an assured CASHBACK with every transaction ~

~ Starting with AED 5 CASHBACK on the very first transaction ~

Dubai, June, 2015: Xpress Money one of the world’s most dependable money transfer brands, today launched a pioneering program – the ‘Xpress Money Rewards Program’, that provides customers a guaranteed ‘CASHBACK’, each time they transact with Xpress Money. Customers have always been a priority for Xpress Money, therefore it comes as no surprise that the brand has launched this unique program that will widely benefit customers. Through this program, Xpress Money is also contributing to the remittance industry’s objective of reducing transaction costs, by ensuring that remitters pay less, to send money to their loved ones back home.

Customers who enroll for the program get an instant advantage of AED 5 CASHBACK on their very first transaction and will continue to get AED 2 CASHBACK for all subsequent transactions.

Unveiling the program at a press conference, Mr. Sudhesh Giriyan, Chief Operating Officer (COO), Xpress Money said: “We believe that this is an industry first – what we have done is to combine a rewards program with the cause of reducing remittance costs for the customer. Time and again we have reiterated our commitment to contribute to this cause and this ‘Xpress Money Rewards Program’ is a reflection of our endeavour in that direction.”

“Customer benefit has always been our priority and this Rewards Program has been conceived to thank customers for their constant support, by offering them MORE, with every transaction,” Mr Giriyan said.

Xpress Money Rewards Program Benefits:

  • AED 5 CASHBACK on the 1st transaction
  • AED 2 CASHBACK on all subsequent transactions
  • Refer a friend and earn AED 1 on each transaction done by your friends
  • Double the chance of winning during promotions and special offers

In addition to the CASHBACK of AED 5 on the first transaction and AED 2 on all subsequent transactions, the Rewards Program also has a referral scheme wherein enrolled customers can refer their friends and gain AED 1 CASHBACK each time the friend makes a transaction; as many friends can be referred and our customers will keep getting rewarded. They also have double the chance of winning promotions and contests hosted by Xpress Money. Visit www.xpressmoney.com/rewards to learn more about the benefits of this program.

Customers can redeem the cashback once AED 10 is accumulated on the rewards card with no maximum limit for redemption.For instance, a customer sending money to India with an accumulated cashback of AED 20 on the Xpress Money Rewards Card can remit money free of cost, as the transaction fee to India is AED 15 and he/ she will still have AED 5 left on the card. Customers can enroll for the program and collect their card at any Xpress Money agent location in the UAE with a valid ID proof.

“We are confident that this is a significant value add and our customers as well as the industry will look at this as a positive move. The ‘Xpress Money Rewards Card’ has debuted with the CASHBACK, but we do not plan to stop there. We are working with various partners to offer a bouquet of value adds through the card be it discounts or other promotions,” Mr. Giriyan added.

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