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Xpress Money H.O.P.E.

We have a responsibility beyond our basic responsibility to our stakeholders, customers, and employees; a responsibility to the people of the communities that we operate in.

Through our CSR platform Xpress Money H.O.P.E, we have been bringing hope and positive change to people around the world. Not just through monetary aid but through active involvement and innovative solutions.

For Xpress Money H.O.P.E., the primary aim is growth as it is our firm belief that inclusive growth is the only way for a business to truly grow.

2016 is a crucial year for Xpress Money H.O.P.E. We have reached out to various communities across the world with different needs through various channels and initiatives. Our focus of growth has been systematically divided into 3 main segments – Education, Financial Inclusion & Literacy and Relief.

Watch how H.O.P.E. has impacted lives through its initiatives